Is your billing Software Smart?

Most of the professionals use this billing software which is actually very useful for various mobile stores. There are lots of users who actually need billing, invoicing, and service tax norms.
Your Billing Software is smart if it is easy to work and is constructive. It assists in lots of works like bill and receipt vouchers. It will be a great help in future accounting reports.

1) Cloud Based Software

Online cloud based ready to use software. No hassle of server and related hardware, network management hassles.

2) Dashboard for decision making

The mobile retailers can be enhanced by the Dashboard by improving reporting processes, decreasing the volume of data and information focused on an individual. Thus timely decisions can be made easily.

3) Multi outlet support

This software is quite apt for the Mobile Retail Industry. The business is more efficiently managed by the Point of Sale Software. Billing, Customer Management are few of the key modules in the Point of Software Sale. There are lots of back office features like purchases, stock management, stock transfers, and user access management.

4) Barcode, QR code-enabled

Full inventory control- All the products information in a barcode is assisted to encode and be centralized. Therefore it becomes simple for store owners to easily and properly track the products.

5) Email, SMS and WhatsApp integrated

Apart from building, Instaone provides inventory and user-friendly software. It is apt for small and medium mobile shops and other electronic enterprises. It is also implemented with Email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

6) Complete user access control

Most of the mobile retailer and electronic shops get benefited with the help of this fastest invoicing software solutions. This provides tax management, multiple invoice templates, stock management etc. It is quite easy and user-friendly.

7) Advantages of cloud technologies

Fast and scalable - The customer needs are easily met with the help of this cloud software. There are lots of factors that were a hindrance to business enhancement got eliminated with the help of cloud computing. This provides very good support to the company to perform better in competition. Thus it can be concluded that the cloud promotes business growth.